A message from Germany.

I’m on vacation at the moment. Thank god there is WiFi almost everywhere! I’m hiking in Germany and after each hike I have a look on the internet at the latest chess news. The Dutch champion Anish Giri is doing great in the GM tournament in Biel. He won against Morozevich and Bacrot, and played draw against Nakamura. It seems like after many years a Duch player is reaching the world top.

Of course I brought a chess book with me. Before I go to sleep I solve a few puzzles from John Nunn’s puzzle book. It’s certainly one of those books that I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their tactical vision. Hundreds of puzzles for all kinds of levels. The great thing about this book is that you don’t need a chess set to go through the exersices, the diagrams are enough. It’s a perfect book to have with you on vacation!

Talking about chess books: take a look at The Chess Store website. They have everything: chess sets, chess books, chess clocks, chess computers, etc etc… If I were rich I would buy the whole store! Could it be that I’m addicted to chess? 😉

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