Book review: Chess endgame training, by Bernd Rosen

As you probably know I believe that we can only improve our chess by training in an active way. Reading about chess in only the first step. The second step is doing exercises. The third step is bringing the lessons in to practice in our own games.

Many chess books stop after step one. They give you loads of knowledge but not enough relevant exercises to assimilate that knowledge.

The book Chess Endgame Training, by Bernd Rosen is one of those books that not only offers you the knowledge that you need in step one and also the exercise that you need in step two. As soon as a topic has been introduced and a few basic ideas discussed, you are immediately invited to immerse yourself in the subject by doing a series of useful exercises. This way you’ll be truly understanding the concepts and ideas in different endgames.

Bernd Rosen is a titled player and qualified trainer who knows how to guide the reader step by step in the path of chess improvement. In this book he follows a clear structure to go through the different themes and, most important of all, to force you to think.

Chess Endgame Training is not a book for beginners. I think that club players up to 1900 will find it extremely instructive.

Chess Endgame Training, by Bernd Rosen is available at The Chess Store

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