Do you know how to give checkmate with knight and bishop?

This is a question that is often heard in chess clubs. In fact it’s one of the mates that rarely happens and perhaps that’s why it has a kind of magical attraction for many chess players. Most club players hope never to get an endgame of King + Bishop + Knight vs King because they will have to admit that they don’t know how to checkmate the opponents king. They probably know that they need to force the opponents king to walk towards the corner of the same colour as their bishop, but they don’t know how to do this in a forcing way?

A few years ago,during a tournament, I met an endgame in which my opponent could have sacrificed his last piece for my last pawn leaving me with King + Bishop + Knight. Then I would have had to prove that I know how to do the trick. Luckily for me he didn’t see this sacrifice and I won the game. This experience triggered in me the idea of studying how to give this difficult looking checkmate. I found a method that is easy to learn and also easy to remember.

Here is a video that I made explaining in a structured way how this method works. After watching it, practice it against a friend of against a computer program and you will notice how easy it actually is.

Click here to watch the video and have fun!


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