The Austrian attack against the Pirc defence.

One of the most popular weapons against the Pirc defence (1.e4, d6 2.d4, Nf6 3.Nc3 g6) is the Austrian Attack, that is introduced by the move 4.f4. White builds a strong centre and is ready to strike with moves like e5 taking advantage of the lack of space of black.

When we learn new openings it’s useful to know something about the main ideas behind the variations. This is the purpose of the opening books in the Starting Out series. In Starting Out: The Pirc/Modern you’ll see an overview of the main lines for white and for black. If you’re interested in the Pirc Defence take a look in The Chess Store and type “Pirc” in the search window. You’ll see several interesting titles that are available at The Chess Store.

Here is a video that I recorded this morning commenting a game between Vlastimil Hort and Jan Hein Donner. Hort uses the Austrian Attack and he crushes the black king using excellent piece coordination.

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