Use all that’s within your reach!

A few days ago I received a message from someone who has been using the training method that I recommend on my video This Is How To Improve Your Chess! He tells me that he has encountered some trouble when in one of the grandmaster games moves were played that he didn’t quite understand. I’m sure that all of us see so now and then GM’s playing moves that are difficult to understand. The most important thing is to use all what’s within our reach to discover the ideas that may be behind those moves. Remember that asking a chess friend to help you with this is also one of the things within your reach! There is no need to walk the path of chess improvement completely on your own. Often  analysing together you discover things that you would have overlooked if you both would have been analysing on our own. In fact it can be a good idea to use this training technique together with your chess friends and after the game compare each others ideas.


Use all that’s within your reach! — 2 Comments

  1. When i watched your video on youtube and i was fascinated, i then knew that if i continue guessing moves this way i will improve which i have.
    Keep the good work up hope to see your next video on this series, This is how to improve on chess

    • Hello Darlington,
      Good to hear that you find thid method useful! I’m sure that chess improvement is posible for everyone. Perhaps I will do some more of this videos in the future. At the moment I’m concentrating on middlegame video’s and video’s in Spanish.
      Best wishes,

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