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mmMy name is Majnu and I started making instructional chess video’s back in 2006. When I noticed that my chess video’s were becoming quite popular on Youtube I got the idea of starting my own chess website. This started as a weblog about my own chess adventures and it changed later into a website to help others to improve their chess.

On this website you’ll find tons of interesting chess training material, like video’s, articles, and weblinks. It’s all available for free!

When the question “How do I improve my chess?” was asked to GM Yasser Seirawan during a lecture at the St. Louis Chess Academy he gave a clear and honest answer. He told the audience what he had done to improve his level when he was not yet a titled player. Yasser Seirawan used to replay his games and write down the thoughts that he had during the game. So not only variations but the ideas and plans behind his moves. After doing this he replayed the game again but this time together with a stronger player. This stronger player or coach showed him alternative plans an ideas. By doing this Seirawan enlarged his tool kit of chess thinking. In his vision if we use this method consistently we simply can’t go wrong. Our level of play will increase as your insight in the game will grow.

The interesting thing about Seirawan’s advice is that he is not just telling us to analyse our own games, like everybody says, but also emphasizing that chess is above all about ideas and plans. Knowing how to make a plan and discovering new ways to approach a position is a great key to chess improvement.

To improve your chess you will need to make effort and you’ll need to be realistic about the goals that you want to reach. The most important thing is that you enjoy the journey of chess improvement, enjoy learning, enjoy doing exercises, enjoy playing tournament games and analyzing them.

Are you committed to improvement in chess? Are you willing to be challenged? If your answer to this questions is YES! then this is what you need: 21 days training Grandmaster Level Positional Understanding

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Make the right decision and good luck!

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